The Quality goes in... before the Brand goes on. 

It means we start with the highest quality logs and lumber available. Then we hand select each piece so that it fully complements the design and desires of the customer. We craft it with time tested techniques and us glue and screws to get tight fitting joints that ensure your furniture will last. Only then do we burn in the Lodgepole Designs brand and back it up with a limited lifetime warranty.  



We start with the raw materials, whether it be a doweled post, a raw barked log or a rough sawn timber. After finding what the customer wants we make selections based on color, character, shape and size. An arched log where you want it or extra character where it shows the best. It takes time to get just the right combination but in the end it's worth it.



After hand selecting each log or timber we clean it up typically using a combination of saws, drawknives, air sanders and hand sanders. Each style of furniture is done a little differently but they all take time and a skill that is acquired from many years of experience. We glue and screw every relevant joint for stability and durability. On larger joints we use mortise and tenon construction paired with polyurethane construction adhesive that is five times stronger than regular construction adhesive. We use solid wood on over 95% of everything we build and never use particle board or MDF. We use the highest quality Russian baltic birch on our drawer bottoms and backs of our dressers. Our tenons fit tight and our beds don't shake or wobble. Below are a few pictures of a Denali Alaskan Bed being built.

Bed Build 2
Bed Build 4
Bed Build 5
Bed Build 8
Bed Build 6
Bed Build 9
Bed Build 10
Bed Build 11
Bed Build 12
Bed Build 13


Lodgepole Designs presents the original purchaser with a 5 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. If at any time the structural integrity is compromised due to manufacturing or defective materials we will repair or replaced it free of charge once received at the factory. Checking and wood imperfections add to the character and unique look of rustic furniture and are not considered defects alone. The purchaser is responsible for shipping and or transportation to and from our factory for warranty coverage.