Bed Assembly Instructions

Step 1

Lay out the parts on the floor and make sure you have everything you need to assemble the bed.

Each bed comes complete with:

Side Rails
Mattress Supports
Center Supports
Rail Lag Bolts
Center Support Screws

Step 2

Insert the side rails on one side of the bed and screw in the lag bolts approximately 1" into each side rail.

This will allow some flexibility to insert the other rails and supports while keeping the bed stable.

The side rail with the 3 mattress support holes goes on the bottom. 

Step 3

Insert the mattress support logs into the side rails. 


Depending on what style of bed you have the mattress support logs may be numbered  or lettered on the ends and inside the rail holes. Simply match up the numbers or letters. 

Step 4

Insert the mattress support logs into the other side rail with the 3 holes and tap or press together snuggly.

Step 5

Insert the top side rails into the posts and square up the bed.

Tighten all the lag bolts.

The side rails should pull in tight and the washer under the lag bolt head should not be able to move. 

Step 6

Position the bed where you want it to go.

Place the mattress center support logs under the middle of the mattress support logs.

Use the screws provided to secure the center supports to the mattress support logs.

If you move the bed after the center support logs have been secured make sure you check them so that they are still supporting the mattress support logs.

Step 7

Check to make sure the bed is solid and does not wobble. If it is wobbly then check the lag bolts to make sure they are fully tightened.

Now just drop your box spring and mattress into the bed frame and you are ready to go. 

Congratulations on successfully setting up your rock solid bed from
Lodgepole Designs

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us.