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About Us

 Our Story

     Back in 1994 my wife and I were looking for a new bedroom set. We wanted rustic furniture that looked great but would also last. After looking at a few local furniture stores we just couldn't find anything that was a decent quality solid wood. I've always enjoyed working with my hands and building things so I thought I would give it a shot. Working on it a little each day after work I built a king lodgepole bed in about a week. The picture on the right is one of the first ones I built when whitewash was in. Some of our friends and neighbors saw the bed and wanted me to make them one. After that I decided to put an ad in the local newspaper and before you know it I was building furniture part time after work and on weekends. 

     I remember those first few beds building them in my garage and each 3 1/2" diameter hole taking about 15 minutes. I bought a nice forester bit after building a few beds and attached some metal bars so I could twist it to make the holes (95-100 turns each). It still took a while to build but enabled me to drill perfect holes. Now 22+ years later (and a few more tools) we are as passionate as ever about making rustic furniture. 

Furniture and Style that Lasts

   Building rustic furniture that looks great and stands the test of time has always been extremely important to us. So much of the furniture you find these days is just not built to last. Buying a new set every few years actually cost more in the long run and you always get what you pay for. That being said I think you'll find our prices very reasonable costing about the same as lesser quality pieces at your local furniture store. I still have several of the first pieces I built and they look and function as well as the day I built them. So much of the furniture built these days say it's solid wood but when you get a ding in it you discover that it's a ply veneer or MDF core. We use close to 100% solid wood on every piece we build. The only ply we use is a Russian baltic birch for our drawer bottoms and backs of dressers. Our hardware is also the best you can buy from the USA, Germany and Italy. Our highest priority is bringing value to our customers. We start by using the best materials and hardware and pair that with years of experience and pride in our work. We cut out the middle man by selling directly to our customer and then back it up with a lifetime warranty. We hope that we have convinced you and give us the opportunity to prove it.



Aaron Carlini - Owner/Builder